Tumbling is a contuination of skills taught on the floor exercise only. There are 5 levels of Tumbling.

Beginning Level 1: Ages 5 and older (kindergarten)
Students are introduced to tumbling skills such as cartwheels, bridges, rolls and hand stands.These skills are the foundation of all tumbling. We encourage gymnasts to start in a beginning gymnastic class.

Intermediate Level 2:
Skills of this level are back bends, 1-hand cartwheels, round-offs, Limbers, and walkovers.

Back Handspring- Level 3:

This class teaches all the drills and skills for a standing Back handspring and Round-off Backhand springs. Students must have mastered beginning and intermediate skills prior to taking this class.

Advanced Tumbling- Level 4:
This class teaches mastery of advanced tumbling skills such as back handspring series (3 or more), aerials, back tucks. Prior to admission to class students need mastery of round-off 2 back handsprings.

Power Tumbling-Level 5:
This class teaches twisting and advanced power tumbling skills such as full twists, front twisting. Prior to admission to class students need mastery of layouts. 

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