Below are some of our success stories.

Our family has grown with Arising Stars for the past 21 years. All three of my girls have participated in the competitive program. Along with gymnastics skills, they developed lifelong skills of time management, self discipline, and living a healthy life. Scarlytt continues to participate and will compete in the 2011-12 season.

- Chris Long
Daughters names are Alex, Natalee and Scarlytt

My daughter Ainsley (4 yrs old) started at Arising Stars last summer. I had not been involved with gymnastics before we started coming here. Not knowing what to expect, I was so surprised with the staff. I love seeing Robin's smiling face as we come in each time. She always make a point to say "Hi" to all of the Gymnast by name as they come in. Miss Sindi is Ainsley coach right now. She has 8 little girls in this class. She always has the girls on task. Which is a challenge at times, but remaining cool she keeps their attention focused on what they are working on. Ainsley feels after a class she need to go home and teach her two brothers everything she learned that day. Everything is also very clean. I feel that Robin takes great pride in her gym. I hope to be a part of this wonderful family for a lot of years to come.

- Kelly Klindt (A very happy Mommy)

"Arising Stars is great place to gain strength, confidence and personal drive. These are SOME of the qualities that our daughter has developed by going to Arising Stars. The people at Arising Stars work with families to ensure all children are given the best opportunity to succeed in muliple facets of life.  Our child immensely loves going to gymnastics because of the coaches ability to connect with her on a personal level as well as train her athletically. We appreciate all the opportunities Robin Weidmaier and her staff  has given our daughter to be a successful person."  Jacob and Christine Owen

- Christine, Jacob & Oliva Owen

"Gymnastic's at Arising Stars has helped my daughter to dream and grow as an individual.  Her friends (teammates) have taught her about a bond that forms with others who share her passion. Thank you Robin for allowing Danika to live her dreams and to reach self confidence at an early age."

- Stacey& Danika Wattenbarger

Our oldest daughter joined Arising Stars six years ago. She began as a shy five-year-old, but has now developed into a strong and confident gymnast who has competed across the country. Though practices are long and often hard, there is a reason she keeps wanting to come back for more - the absolutely selfless dedication and coaching of Robin and her staff. They make our daughter's gymnastics' experience both fun and challenging at the same time. The mental and physical growth of our daughter these past years has been amazing. Arising Stars has instilled a sense of self-confidence and strength that carries over into all she does. We truly consider ourselves to be part of the Arising Stars' "family."


Choosing Arising Stars as our new gymnstics home has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our daughter has gone from a decent but unpolished gymnast to a confident and exacting one. She has gained strength, techinque and disipline. We recommend Arising Stars Gymnastics to everyone wanted the best for their child. We also have extreme confidence and trust in Robin Weidmaier. She always has the girls best interest and safety as her first concerns.
- Mike and Jennifer Funk

When our daughter was three she started doing cartwheels at home. She would do them all the time, so we decided to sign her up for a gymnastics class.  She was a little hesitant at first.  She would cry when it was time for her class until her coach, miss Ayla would come and get her. Ayla would pick her up telling her it would be okay. Needless to say, the crying turned into smiles as the session went on. Our daughter is now six and performs at a competitive level for Arising Stars.  Although she spends a lot of time at the gym, we know she is well taken care of. She is part of a dedicated, hardworking team and has coaches that love her and want to see her excel.  It's also a lot of fun to see your daughter with a medal around her neck, smiling from ear to ear, for a job well done. You definitely get what you pay for! 

- Jay and Sara Schussler

The gymnastics program and staff at Arising Stars has been instrumental in helping my daughter to build strength, discipline, and confidence.  I have watched her grow into a motivated individual that looks forward to setting and achieving her goals.

- Heather Stoecklein

Arising Starts Gymnastics has been a great choice for my 3-year old daughter. She has a shy personality and hesitates with new activities. Robin and Jessica have been wonderful teachers. Robin gave her one-on-one attention in order to help her become more comfortable in her surroundings while encouraging her to join in with her peers. From there, Jessica has continued to guide and encouraged her to try new activities without pushing her past her comfort zone. With this combination she has been comfortable to try more with each session. I am looking forward to additional classes to see how much she will learn and grow with her new talents.

- Sharona Johnson

Dear Miss Sindi, We just wanted to thank you again for being Juliana's coach and for all the work and effort you put into it.  Although we are thrilled that she ended up with a placing at championships, it would be misfortunate to judge the entire experience solely on what she took home that day. We know her fond memory will be of the time she spent in practice with her friends and you; and the ongoing benefits will be the skills, attention to detail, and discipline she learned under your instruction.  So, we sincerely thank you for giving your all--we feel like your instruction is a great balance of fun and discipline. And the love Juliana has for you is definitely a testimony to that!   Many thanks!

- Jenny and Dustin Binder (and Juliana)

I am the mother of three and in fact have had each one of my children involved in the Arising Stars program in some way.  I have to say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made with my children.  My youngest started at the age of three and is now eleven and competing in the prep op program.  Since her first class she began learning about commitment, discipline, respect, strength and endurance, she uses all of these things daily in her life.  Being a mother is not an easy job but being a mother with a gymnast as a daughter is simplified thanks to all of the wonderful coaches that enter into their life.  They don't only coach them in gymnastics but they also coach them in life.  I think very highly of Arising Stars Gymnastics and can't thank them enough for all of the kindness they have shown to my girls and me.

- Tammy Weigart

I am so excited for Chloe to be part of this event (Arising Stars 25 year celebration ) and see that she is part of a legacy of strong women, and a business that has now spanned a quarter of a century!

- Carol Fuson

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