Tiny Stars

Tiny Stars Play Dates (Age 1 to 3 w/ parent)
Class is limited to 8 parent/ child groups.  Parent will responsible for helping assisting their own child.  Instructors offer activities & instructions.  Parent/ guardian is required to wear mask at all times.  Children can wear active wear clothing but no shoes or socks.  Parents not allowed on apparatus or in the foam pit.  The goal of the Tiny Stars Play Date is to given parents as students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Arising Stars and the introduction of gymnastics movements with the security of the parent child relationship.  Coordination, algidity, motor skills, flexibility, social skills are just a few of the benefits.

Romp-n-Roll (Age  2)
This class teaches basic coordination and motor skills through creative gymnastics activities. The gym is set up to be inviting and user friendly for little hands and feet. Colorful shapes and activities to discover the benefits of gymnastics for childhood development. Classes are taught by instructors that have children themselves or with an educational degree. This is important to understand the social development as well as the physical skills. Toddlers can enjoy safe in ground trampolines, obstacle courses, inclines, a foam pit, size appropriate climbing apparatuses, balance beams of different heights and sizes to overcome fear. Perfect first class for any 2 year old that need to burn off some energy and develop social skills.

Rock-n-Roll (Age 3)
This class is a continuation of Romp-n-Roll teaching more complex motor and coordination skills.Three Year olds are in the Discovery age of their life. They need to develop safe landing skills so when they are playing they can avoid those trips and falls of being a toddler. Developing body awareness to promote good balance and coordination. challenging children to "try it once" it a goal for those timid children who need to be more active while "good listener " skills for those who are overly active. This class is must for every child to experience foundation skills in the development of all sports.

Mini Stars (Age 4-5)
Classes teach progressive motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility, along with skills on the trampoline, balance beam, uneven bars, and floor exercise. The Mini Stars class is the introduction to gymnastics skills and activities.

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